Aerobitards is a fun passion project that our team had been developing for several years. On the surface level, Aerobitards is a parody of a fitness program infomercial. But as you go deeper, you will discover a whole cultish world that lies beneath. Head writer of Aerobitards, David Monster, is an ex-Scientologist. Through his detailed descriptions of his experience in the church, we became very inspired to utilize some of the same intensity and strategies with which this infamous organization operates, to create something completely original. In David’s own words: “Scientology has scarred the mind and psyche of the writer so deeply, we thought it would be cathartic to find the humor in it. Also, fitness has become such a huge and obnoxious industry, and very cult-like. Marrying the two just seemed right.”

SYNOPSIS – Aerobitards is a scientifically proven and designed method of living life at a level never before seen on this planet. The key to the success of this program is in its specially-engineered apparel: The Aerobitard! Take the first step on The Path to Total Fitness, and watch their Orientation Video. Welcome to the upper 1% of the upper 1% of the Human Race, where nothing less than all-consuming devotion is tolerated.